Piet Boon

Piet Boon is one of the most famous Dutch designers. Together with his wife, creative director Karin Boon, Piet has been at the helm of his team of designers, interior designers and architects since 1982. This team can be deployed anywhere in the world to fulfil the design wishes of a constantly growing group of customers.

Those who wonder how Piet Boon succeeded in becoming famous as a top designer, not only in The Netherlands but also internationally, only have to look at the collection of furniture designed by the design agency Piet Boon Studio and which is marketed under the name, Piet Boon® Collection. Striking are the strong design, the honest materials, the sober use of colour and the comfort of the furniture designs.

Piet Boon designs

Any lover of designer furniture will recognise the hand of the master in the designs of Piet Boon. Once started out as a contractor, Piet Boon, as a designer, has an innate feeling for pure, timeless shapes which he manages to translate flawlessly into designer furniture with somewhat rugged, yet chic lines and a contemporary look.

Think about the sofa DIEKE, made up of designer elements, the corner sofa DOUTZEN, the revolving armchair HEIT, the armchair KENT, the dining room table IDS, the coffee table ITSKE and the dining room chairs SAAR and SIEBE.

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